During the pandemic, performing artists lost our livelihoods and industry. Venues were among the first to be shuttered and the last to come back, and the performing arts are again being battered by Omicron. Music gets us through the good times...and the pandemics! Your support of working artists, through purchases on our store and community contributions, means we can keep bringing you tunes while helping musicians survive these unprecedented times.

Tune Supply's two primary goals are:
To foster worldwide connections and provide access to world-class performance and instruction in traditional music
To create paid work for performing artists who have lost income due to the pandemic and structural issues in the music industry

We accomplish these goals by paying artists to perform and teach on our YouTube channel, and by offering personalized Tuneograms, lessons, subscription series, and merchandise on this store. Thank you for your support over the last two years! Tune Supply exists only because of the generous and kind community of traditional music lovers from across the globe.

Wondering what our Tuneograms actually look and sound like?
Check out these examples by Pat Mangan, Louise Bichan, and Máirtín de Cógáin.

Questions? Email us at tunes@tune.supply.

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